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The process is simple. Give us a call (956) 446-0203 and we’ll set an appointment to come pick up your vehicle. We’ll work around your schedule to ensure we are coming at the best time for you. We offer same day services, and an instant cash offer before you even get off the phone. Other car buying services will give you a quote, only to sell you short in the long run and dish out way less cash than you deserve. Our friendly team will communicate clearly and honestly about the value of your vehicle, and the offer you receive is guaranteed from the start.

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McAllen knows that time is money. We realize it can be a major hassle to rid yourself of that vehicle you don’t want anymore. In fact, did you know that some cities and counties even have laws that dictate how you can properly dispose of vehicles? It’s OK, nobody would blame you if you didn’t know about any applicable regulations.

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 No need to worry about any of that with Cash for Cars McAllen. We handle all the paperwork and documentation and give you a stress-free vehicle selling experience from consultation to towing. Cash for Cars McAllen does not do estimates, they do guaranteed cash quotes, so what you hear in your phone call from one of our qualified reps is the money you get at pickup. 

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Cash for Cars McAllen takes care of all the paperwork including the dreaded DMV, saving you time, stress and even cash. They show up at your doorstep with a tow truck and money for you, ready to make your life so much easier. Get rid of your junk cars and trucks the easiest possible way, with Cash for Cars McAllen.